30 September 2004

Saturday Nights

The time has finally arrived for me to publish my own 'blog'.

The catalyst for this decision was something that occurred to me on Saturday evening (or more correctly, Sunday morning).

My flatmate staggered into the living room at a little before 3.30 a.m. after a night of copious drinking and, no doubt, dirty smooching. Her arrival woke me up as I was asleep on the settee after having been watching the Green Wing.

(On a separate note, I suspected I may fall asleep so, to avoid yet more disappointment, recorded the programme. I did indeed fall into unconsciousness so was rightly pleased with my pessimistic foresight. Later on Sunday when I attempted to watch the tape, I discovered that it was old and slightly worn. The programme was unwatchable. Thank you God.)

I spoke briefly to my flatmate and she asked what I'd done that evening. I explained.

1. I defragmented my hard drive
2. I visited some chatrooms and talked about midgets (more on that another time...)
3. I read 'Sandman: Dream Country' (more on that another time too...)
4. I ate a tin of macaroni cheese which, due to my impatience with the microwave, was barely lukewarm.
5. I fell asleep in front of the TV.

I am single. I am 31 years old. That was my Saturday night.

I am an angry man. Well, maybe not angry, just annoyed. Anger would suggest strong feelings dictating some measure of remedial action. I am quite content to whine. Whining gives me purpose.

28 September 2004