5 February 2007

So, what's been happening then...

I'm in a blogging mood today. Don't know why, don't particularly care. That's the beauty of the internet - it can't be explained, caged or...a third thing. If I think of the third thing I'll edit this later.

So, what have I been up to?

I am currently enjoying the extreme discomfort of 'the ex' due to events that unfolded last night which, out of respect for her, I will not go in to. Suffice to say - I actually won! For once I was the victor! Of course, this will not last. Such is the way of things between men and women. We are destined to lose every argument, every discussion, every difference of opinion. For women, there is no "we'll agree to disagree", there is simply 'winning'. And they're bloody good at it. So, for now, I am wallowing in my self-righteousness. As I said, it won't last.

It's half past midnight and I'm wide awake, low on cigarettes and short of booze. Never a good thing. I'm also listening to a downloaded song by Charlotte Hatherley. She's great.

So, for those of you who could give a rat's arse, here is the current update.

Work: Utter crap. Fed up with it.

Love life: Ha ha ha.

Writing: Having arrived at the decision that myself, Mike and Simon will not work together on another script at this time (see here for details of our last venture: http://www.zenfilms.com/GC/index.htm) I'm now working on a solo project. I've decided to resurrect my Art Forger script. I'm pretty fired up about it, although I'm taking it slowly so as not to become disillusioned too much when it doesn't work out the way I want it to on the first draft. Such is the life of 'the writer'.

Apart from that, everything is pretty much the same as it was six months ago. And the six months before that.

I'm positive about the future, which is slightly worrying. Whenever everything seems to be trotting along reasonably well, you can guarantee that's when it'll go horribly wrong.