7 December 2004

Blog and Dumped

It's just occurred to me that I really hate the word 'blog'. At some point, someone, somewhere with way too much time on their hands decided that the word WebLog was simply too lengthy and confusing for common usage. Hence 'blog' was born. How fucking twee is that? Have we really reached the stage in our evolution where any word with more than two syllables is thought of as simply too much trouble?

I may, in protest, write my next entry purely using words of no more than a single syllable. Then again, I might not. Can't be arsed, to be honest.

Oh, by the way, just got dumped. Again.

You want disappointment? Come round. We'll have a drink and I can tell you about my life. I'm so bloated with inertia that I can barely be bothered to breathe.

Actually, forget the thing about coming round. I don't like you anyway, you bastards.

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