9 December 2004

Drink and 'dumped again'

Yesterday, I drank too much. Two bottle of cheap, white wine and then a healthy measure or six of Jack Daniels.
I fell asleep on the floor.
Now it is the following day and I'm at work. I'm not hungover. I don't have a headache, and I don't feel like vomiting. In fact, I don't feel anything.
It's as if my conscious self has become detached from my body and I'm simply inhabiting it like a slightly wary bystander. I'm currently watching my fingers typing this and thinking 'Whose are those?'.
I should stick to diet coke.

I have been recently chatting to someone at work who fancies me. She has made no small secret of the fact that she likes me. We were planning on going out for a meal and drink on Friday evening.
I just received the following via e-mail:

"I do need to speak to you regarding Friday.
There have been unforeseen developments in my life.
Have you got any time free?"

We're meeting for lunch today in the pub. I believe that I'm about to be given the 'heave-ho'. Rejected twice in the same week. That's a record even by my standards. I shall update later....

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