30 April 2006

The loneliness of the long distance surfer

So, it's now just after 4.30 am and I'm still bastard well awake.

Benny C, the crazy little Northerner, is asleep on the floor in my living room. He has to be at work in 2 hours. Hehehe.

I've spent the last few hours surfing the net, trying desperately to engage someone - ANYONE - in a meaningful conversation. It ain't happening.

But I'm amazed by the amount of people still awake in the UK and posting messages on various forums. Also, there are quite a lot of people in the UK chatrooms. Sadly, they are all buffoons of the highest order with absolutely nothing to say.

Which reminds me, I was recently 'kicked' out of a chatroom for offensive behaviour.

My crime? Trying to start a discussion. I explained to those present in the room that all I was trying to do was stimulate intellectual debate via an argument. Sadly, we're not allowed to argue anymore in this country. We must be nice and pleasant and caring.

Absolute arse. Since when did conversation become a crime?

I remember becoming quite angry, joining other chatrooms and complaining about this terrible injustice. I was, unfortunately, quite drunk so the point may have been lost in my incoherent ramblings. Regular readers of this blog will be used to these...

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