12 February 2009

Ideas, ideas, lots of ideas.

This is being written on my G1 phone, so will contain none of the usual whizzbangery that has been my stock in trade since, well, about two posts ago.

I've had a few ideas tumbling around in my head the last day or two. These have now solidified into some pending action.

I shall be spending my next few posts talking about how The Gentlemen's Club script came to be., and how it came to not be. It shall be a tale of touching innocence and crass stupidity. Stay tuned.

It's now snowing in Nottingham and I continue to be without proper net access. It's immensely frustrating. Thank goodness for this phone which allows me to experience the goodness of the web in miniature, headache-inducing form.

Back home tomorrow night, thank Jebus. Looking forward to a large brandy, some proper coffee and indoor smoking.

I am a man of simple pleasures.

Also, there shall be talk of how myself, Simon and Mike came to form a writing partnership.

Oh, in this blog are such delights...

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