1 May 2009

Waterstones update

What lovely people they are at Waterstones.

I received an email response from them (which I won't post here due to a confidentiality statement at the end of it) that was wonderful. Adam, the chap who originally tweeted me, answered nearly all of my questions, set me right on a couple of points I'd misinterpreted, and was very pleasant indeed.

Yes, they have problems with their website, yes there are certain procedures that they need to review and update as their current processes leave something to be desired.

However, the most important thing they've got right is that they're listening to their customers and making changes based on feedback. You can't really ask for more than that, can you?

So, I shall be keeping an eye on the Waterstones site and hope that they bring it more in line with what customers actually want.

Waterstones website - 5/10
Waterstones customer relations - 10/10

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