23 June 2009

An experiment in homeopathy

I'm going to cut down on these homeopathy posts soon, I promise.

This blog is intended to be an opportunity for me to vomit my mind-goo into the ether and see if anyone nom's the chunks. This torrent of head-sick should, by rights, cover a variety of topics but, of late, seems to have concentrated heavily on alternative therapies.

Indeed, earlier today I considered discontinuing my alternative therapy posts as there are already many excellent bloggers and webmasters out there doing sterling work of a much higher quality than my own cobbled-together, poorly constructed contributions.

However, after serious thought I decided that if a single post I write causes someone to re-evaluate their belief in alternative medicine, then it's been a valuable exercise.

For now, here's a link to the blog of a lovely lady known as Ziztur. Recently, in a bid to show that homeopathic pills contain little more than starch and dreams, she swallowed an entire bottle of homeopathic sleeping tablets and videoed herself doing it. James Randi has carried out the same experiment when giving lectures, tossing back a whole bottle of sleeping pills and then going on to speak for a couple of hours with no ill after-effects.

I'm both impressed and annoyed, for one reason: I've long wanted to do the same thing myself. In fact, it struck me as being rather a superb idea to have a mass suicide attempt at a famous London landmark wherein a few hundred people gather together and eat a bottle of homeopathic sleeping tablets each. I envisaged camera crews, journalists and a lot of publicity. Sadly, this never happened for two reasons: 1) I felt it might be in poor taste to publicise the thing as a mass suicide, and 2) I'm far too lazy to actually achieve anything in my life, ever.

So, in lieu of me actually getting off my arse and doing something for once, check out Ziztur's blog.

You can also follow her on Twitter. Her name, unsurprisingly is @Ziztur


Ziztur said...

You are awesome! Thanks for showing me off :)

Dan said...

You're very welcome, Ziztur. Keep fighting the good fight. :o)