6 June 2009

Homeopathy - Update

Here's an update to the homeopathy story I mentioned recently.

The parents who refused to provide medical attention to their child, preferring to use homeopathy instead, have been found guilty of manslaughter.

This is a tragic case and I really do sympathise with the parents who, due to their misguided ignorance, thought they were doing the right thing.

It does, of course, beg the question what level of responsibility for cases like this must be borne by the high-street chemists who continue to stock homeopathic 'remedies' thus giving it a sheen of acceptability?

Remember this case. Remember this child. Next time someone claims that 'alternative medicine' isn't harmful, tell them about the little girl who died in her mothers arms because of an easily treatable condition.

This sickens, angers and upsets me, all at the same time.

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