29 July 2009

An Experiment in Bacon

Back in February, I made a brief comment about Spotify in which I said:
Not sure what to make of Spotify yet. I tend to like music applications that present me with random stuff that I wouldn't have otherwise known about. From what I can tell, it doesn't do that. But then I haven't read the instructions for it yet, so maybe I'm talking arse.
I still haven't figured out if Spotify can pluck random music from the ether and pipe it directly into ones delightfully-formed ear-caverns, but I have discovered a rather interesting and neat work-around.

In the second podcast from the excellent Piley (if you haven't checked out his site yet, do so now) he briefly floats the concept of a bacon-themed podcast. Intrigued by the idea, I immediately Googled bacon-related lyrics and found a significant number of songs.

Then, however, it struck me that Spotify might be a better resource for searching out bacon music. A few clicks and keystrokes later, I had a huge list of bacon songs on the screen in front of me.

Rather than just paste the whole lot into a single playlist, I painstakingly listened to each song and, if it grabbed my attention within the first 20 seconds, it made the list.

The result, dear readers, is my Bacon Playlist - hopefully, an interesting diversion containing an eclectic selection of music. Consider it a delicious, bacony amuse bouche.

Install Spotify if you don't already have it (it's free) then open the playlist up. Please note, however, that for some strange reason it doesn't work in Firefox.

For those with an interest in the minutia, here's the track listing:

Bacon Fat - Taj Mahal
Babyskin & Bacon - The Bandit
Blackened Bacon - Neal Schon
Bringing Home The Bacon - Procul Harum
Sweet Bacon - Julien Covey
The Bacon Bunch - Bill Frisell
Bob's Bacon Barn - The Japonize Elephants
Making Bacon - The Pork Dukes
Bacon - Mary Liz McNamara
Bob's Bacon Barn Train #2 - The Japonize Elephants
Bacon Martini - Whiskey Daredevils
Danish Bacon Baby - Instant Sunshine
Bringing Home The Bacon - Porter Wagoner
Bacon & Eggs - Beatnik Turtle
Fake Bacon & Electronic Music Hot Line - Negativland
We Don't Want The Bacon, What We Want Is A Piece Of The Rhine - Ben Lessey

So, the lesson we have learnt today is as follows:

To randomise Spotify in an interesting and entertaining fashion, enter whatever search term jumps into your head and just pick your way through the list. Huge fun, and it doesn't cost a penny. You may thank me later for my delightfully altruistic gesture.

1 comment:

Piley said...

on second thoughts i've change me mind... i'da chosen one on Gloria Hunniford...


PS - some of thos tracks are outrageous!