4 October 2009

And, relax...

Finally, the Mortal Remains script rewrite is finished.

6 months of work (well, 5 months of thinking about it, 1 month of feverishly typing like a lunatic) has gone into this so I hope that Mike, the screenwriter, likes it.

I've decided not to do a second draft for a few reasons:
1) because I've only just finished the first draft I don't want to jump back into it straight away,
2) if Mike doesn't like what I've done to his script then a re-draft would be wasted effort, and
3) I'm sick and tired of these sodding characters.

Tomorrow I shall print out and bind three copies of the script - one for me, one for Mike and one for Simon, our co-writer friend whose comments are always welcome on projects like these. Hopefully, we'll all meet up at some point in a week or two for a chat about it and I'll find out if I've done Mike's original idea justice. Frankly, there's an awful lot of new material in there for a simple rewrite, and Mike may feel that the script has strayed too far from his vision. We shall see.

Of course, this begs the question, "What next?". The answer is, "I don't know."

I have a few ideas floating around for full-length screenplays, but don't know if I'm ready to attack them yet.

One, called 'Provenance', is a story about an art forger, based very loosely on the life of the incomparable Eric Hebborn, another is based, again very loosely, on the tale of The Wandering Jew.

Alternatively, I was talking to Mike about creating a 10-minute short script which he might consider directing. I've had a lot of ideas for that lately, so perhaps that should be the next project.

Ah well, at least this one's finished now and I can sit back and relax, albeit temporarily.

Apologies for lack of 'funnies' today, I'm too knackered.

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