16 November 2009

In Memory of Edward Woodward

As a small tribute to the wonderful Edward Woodward who, sadly, passed away today, I'm throwing a few bits of music on the blog.

These tracks are all taken from Paul Giovanni's incredible soundtrack to The Wicker Man.

If you're already familiar with The Wicker Man, you won't want to read me banging on about it. If you're not familiar with it, go and buy it immediately - you won't be disappointed.

Additionally, this post may, potentially, help out a Twitter chum on her radio show. It's the Every Other Monday show and it's on tonight at 9. Listen to it. That's an order.

Here's the music.

Willow's Song.

Corn Riggs

The Landlord's Daughter.

The Maypole Song

Note: Tracks removed to avoid potential copyright claims. Blame the Digital Economy Act.


phsend said...

I love the music from The Wicker Man, thanks for the reminder...and Willows Song, who can forget that dance. RIP

Piley said...

It was good, but no way as good as the Nicolas Cage version... they finally reaslised the dream eh??

(hmmm, whats this small print say?? "light fuse and stand well back"???)

Dan said...

phsend - Thank you for that comment. Unfortunately, due to time restrictions, I wasn't able to give that blog post the time it deserved. Edward Woodward was a wonderful actor and I think his performance in The Wicker Man should be celebrated for decades to come. And the music, ah the music. Wonderful, quaint, otherworldly and downright sinister. Just perfect.

Piley - Thanks for commenting. You magnificent bastard. :o)

Gallenthorpe said...

Mr Woodward certainly left an enduring legacy. The Wicker Man and the truly awesome Callan aside, I have fond memories of watching The Equalizer as an impressionable teenager with a keen ear for catchy theme tunes. RIP Ewar Woowar, we salute you.

Dan said...

Gallenthorpe, my dear fellow, thanks for the comment. I was never an Equalizer fan myself, but I will be watching Callan at some point soon - I was too young to appreciate it the first time around. Time to resurrect it I think.