2 November 2004

Writing a blog. GWB and Bill Hicks.

Many of my regular readers will be wondering how I've managed to be so prolific in such a short time.

The secret is: I write my entries in advance and save them until I can be bothered to post. I had a backlog so I threw the whole lot on. Ah, the magic of blogging....

By the way, just wanted to give a shout out to AE and his excellent blog at http://dissentchannel.blogspot.com/

He posted a comment regarding my beer, kebabs and graphic novels post. God bless him. His blog is well worth reading if you despise the insane Christian warmonger (oh the irony...) George W Bush as much as I do. GWB is an idiotic maniac who couldn't think (let alone talk) his way out of a wet paperbag. So what happens? The guy becomes president. Man, I wish Bill Hicks were here right now. He'd have plenty to say.

I miss that guy.

1 comment:

ae said...

Hooligans! What if they become ruffians?? =)

I was listening to Bill Hicks not too long ago, and it was positively frightening to hear him talking about B*sh and his Iraq War, and this from 13 years ago! It could've been yesterday. God help this country (and the world). I'm curious to see what will happen now that stories of voter fraud are circulating in our useless mainstream press. Maybe B*sh will have to concede!

And my condolences re: Tony. We can't figure out what the hell he was thinking either. He was supposed to save us from getting into this godforsaken war, not run along behind our moron-in-chief. Sheesh.

Man, it would be great to have Bill Hicks back, wouldn't it? Sigh.