10 January 2005

A New Year - A whole host of disappointments....

Wow! It's 2005! Hoo-hah! Woo, yay and hoopla!

You do realise that 2005 is going to be just as disappointing as 2004, don't you? Just wanted to check.

You see, the New Year is a time for hope, desires and heartfelt wishes. We see the New Year arrive and we think 'Yes, this is the year that I'm going to find love and wealth and health and everything I desire'. And, of course, before you know it you've broken all of your resolutions and you realise that 2005 is exactly the same as 2004 except you're one year closer to dying alone and miserable surrounded by the dusty memories and weeping ghosts of what could have been. Still, it's not all doom and gloom - Star Wars Episode 3 comes out in May. Yay!


Recently, a friend of mine (the ruiner of potential relationships) remarked that there had been no new posts on my blog in a number of days. He went on to say that, in his opinion, this was something of a disappointment and, accordingly, wanted to know if that was the slightly ironic point of the whole thing.

I had to admire his thinking.

However, I should clarify that the reason I haven't posted recently is that I couldn't really be bothered.

I shall post again at some point, but I need to get my arse into gear first. Apologies, etc.

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