7 February 2009

A missed opportunity.

I've just spent the best part of an hour reading back through some of my previous posts, removing the occasional ill-considered line here and there, and completely deleting some posts to either protect the innocent or hide my shame.

Annoyingly, two technological marvels that I proposed in December 2004 and May 2006 respectively have both now been produced, and I've received no credit whatsoever.

In one post, I spoke about the artificial flavouring of cigarettes and how this could be a very good thing. These are now being made, kind of, by The Electronic Cigarette Company. You too can enjoy a soothing nicotine hit with the flavour of coconut, chocolate, vanilla, cherry or a number of other varieties.

In another post, I conceived of a piece of software called Drunksense which would prevent you from making idiotic drunken blog posts in the middle of the night. The following application has been written for the Android platform: "DrunkBlocker for the Google Android Phone is an application that can block phone numbers to keep you from calling the wrong person at the wrong time. If you do not want to call the wrong person when you are drunk, this is for you!"

Although the link between my original ideas and the finished products are somewhat tenuous, I demand royalties.


Anonymous said...

Hello Dan

Good to have you back

Dan said...

It's very nice to be back. And who, may I ask, am I addressing?

Andy said...

It is I, Andrew. Whereas I'm pleased your blog is back, the "Comment as" thingummy below was determined to disappoint me.

Dan said...

Ah, Mr. S it is an honour and a pleasure, Sir. Thank you for your patronage. You shall get your reward in heaven.